During meditation, I try to focus on letting go of limiting beliefs that don’t serve me. A while back, I vowed to let go of worrying about my children. I worried for my daughters but also for my son every time he left the house. I’d ask him, “Do you have your ID?” “Don’t talk back to the police and do everything they say.” “Wear your mask!”

As they grow, I have been forced to dissolve those worries. The most I can do is prepare them as much as possible in advance of situations. The rest of it is up to happenstance. At ages 17, 12, and 9, they are mature and smart individuals with the most beautiful flaws. They are loved in the best ways possible and I have to trust that divine order will guide them into their purpose.

Yes, I have things that I want them to learn but I have found that the best thing I can do is raise them to be compassionate and to keep their word. My worries were at one point holding them back from typical activities. The way I was raised, we rarely had sleepovers with friends. I had so many cousins that were my age that I was almost always with family. While I love my cousins dearly, I had friends that I would have loved to stay up all night with. So my children have actually had sleepovers… outside the house!

I have a lot more lessons I want to teach them but I’m choosing to slowly pace myself and not inhibit them with my own insecurities. I’ve written down a few vows in my journal to remind me of that commitment to myself, and to my children:

  • I vow to acknowledge that they are fully capable human beings.
  • I vow to support them in ways that do not take away from their character but guide them when appropriate.
  • I vowed to allow them to make mistakes and fail forward.

I encourage you to find out where you may be limiting your child or yourself and release it to the universe (or God if that’s your thing ?). Journaling these emotions can help a lot with releasing this energy.

Please note, this is not a one-time call to action! Changing your outlook on your children’s lives will take courage and dedication. It will call for a constant reminder to put yourself in check, maybe even when they’re adults! Letting go applies to all ages to varying degrees. So be sure to let your kids explore the world we live in!