Enroll in Harlem’s  Reggio Emilia inspired childcare!

We offer mindfulness, art, extensive time outdoors, Kindergarten prep, part/full-time options, and summer camp. Our three core components are Mindfulness, Art, and Outdoor exploration. TLB is a fully licensed in-home child care with a homeschool feel!

Located at West 151st Street in Harlem, NY

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Summer Camp 2023

Ages 3 to 7

July 5th – Aug 25th, 2022

TLB’s Summer Camp carries the same core pedagogies as our preschool program but with highlighted themes and trips. Enroll in Session 1 – July 5-28th or Session 2 – July 31st-Aug 25th. 

How it Works

We integrate the following three Core Principles for a holistic approach to educating the child.

Preschooler meditating


Mindfulness means being in the awareness of the present moment with full attention and focus. At TLB, children learn to mind their breath, use mindful vocabulary when speaking to others, and learn to make choices that are conducive to a giving and caring deposition.

Preschooler studying art

Art: Reggio Emilia inspired

Our Reggio Emilia pedagogy is versatile and allows for flexibility in learning. The child is in control but takes suggestions from well-versed teachers. We explore artist tools and allow the student to be the artist.

Walking in Central Park

Outdoor Exploration

We become completely in tune and can express ourselves vividly when allowed to explore the outdoors. When we are able to fully breathe, we tend to open our hearts and feel a higher sense of self-worth after a day of fresh air.

Three Little Birds is a hidden gem in the Heights. Ms. Michelle is simply amazing and provides quality care for little ones. We did months of research before placing our daughter in daycare and when we found Ms. Michelle, we knew we were home… She also makes sure the children are active and get fresh-air twice a day. 

Natalie A.

When TLB says mindful education they mean it. I could not have found a better place for my 2 year old. In jut two weeks I have seen so much growth. The continuous updates and progress from the educators. The outdoor and indoor exploration… TLB is not a daycare for your toddler it is a school.

Zelithia C.

I worked with Michelle and she’s a very soft-spoken and caring person. She is great with kids. I can see that she loves doing what she’s doing. She provides the nurturing, caring, and safe environment that all parents want for their precious little ones.

K. M.