About TLB

Our Why: 1-in-6 children between the ages of 2 to 8 has a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder –CDC

Mindfulness means being in the present moment with awareness. Science has proven that by focusing on the present moment, we create a balance between emotions and logic within the brain. This is an important skill to have when making decisions and implementing self-care! At TLB, we blend social-emotional with academics. Children learn the best when they are fully supported and are able to explore their environment. We create holistically mindful children that are well-rounded, thoughtful citizens!

Why Choose Us?

Our Philosophy & Curriculum

What we do

Located in the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem, Three Lil’ Birds is a Reggio Emilia-inspired, mindfulness childcare. We offer yoga, art, extensive time outdoors, and academic empowerment.

Reading, music, and language learning are additional aspects of our day. Our program develops intellectual, gross/fine motor skills and follows scientifically proven mindful and educational concepts. 


We believe in building autonomy while creating a balanced environment with our small program and ratios. Our current adult to child ratio is 1:3.

Outdoor explorations

We become completely intune and can express ourselves vividly when we are allowed to explore the outdoors. When we are able to fully breathe, we tend to open our hearts and feel a higher sense of self-worth after a day of fresh air. We have a habit of collecting natural objects on our explorations!


Mindfulness is being in the awareness of the present moment with full attention and focus. At TLB, children learn to mind their breath, use mindful vocabulary when speaking to others, and learn to make choices that are conducive to a giving and caring deposition

Art-based Play

Reggio Emilia-based play is versatile and allows for flexibility in learning. The child is in complete control but takes hints from the teachers. We explore the tools we use in many ways, allowing the student to be the artist.

Michelle Caines

Owner / Lead Teacher

Born and raised in Hamilton Heights, mom of 3. Experienced in art (various media), Forest School, and mindfulness.

  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher
  • Enrolled in City College, Major: Early Childhood Education
  • CPR Certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Cert.

Let's Learn Together!