Preschool Enrollment Ages 2-6, Winter/Spring 2022




Enroll in Harlem’s only Art-based childcare, offering yoga, art, time outdoors, Kindergarten prep, part/full-time enrollment. Our Core Philosophy is that all children can possess stellar intellectual qualities through mindful art & play. Children can learn independence at an early age and can become adults who emit: Inclusion, equanimity, compassion, a sense of self, and acceptance.

How it Works:

Mindfulness is being in the awareness of the present moment with full attention and focus. At TLB, children learn to mind their breath, use mindful vocabulary when speaking to others, and learn to make choices that are conducive to a giving and caring deposition.

Art-based Play

Reggio Emilia-based play is versatile and allows for flexibility in learning. The child is in complete control but takes hints from the teachers. We explore the tools we use in many ways, allowing the student to be the artist.

Outdoor explorations

We become completely intune and can express ourselves vividly when we are allowed to explore the outdoors. When we are able to deeply breathe, we tend to open our hearts and feel a higher sense of self-worth after a day of fresh air.

Note: Enrollment packet will be emailed after payment is received.

What you’ll learn

  • Emotional wellness
  • Sense of self
  • Self-compassion & compassion for others
  • Strong early math skills (i.e. subitizing)
  • Art techniques w/out apprehension
  • Socialization & bonding
  • Sign language
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish speaking)
  • Music exploration
  • Movement & Yoga
  • Early reading & comprehension
  • & more!

What To Bring

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Lunch (we provide healthy snacks)
  • Diapers & wipes, extra underwear
  • Change of clothes, including socks
  • Blanket for nap time
  • Extra masks (if applicable)

Normal hours are 8:30-5 pm. Extended hours available.
Tuition is charged monthly at $1397


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