Mantra Book

Boost your child’s confidence and self-worth with “I Am My Greatest Self”. Throughout this book, you will find colorful images with strong affirmations. These statements can be memorized over time and become your child’s mantra! A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase that is said with intention and invokes positive change and reinforcement. This book is my personal mantra, used with my three children. It is empowering and effectively promotes self-love and self-worth. While there is mention of brown skin, this mantra is effective for all families! And applicable to all ages!
“I Am My Greatest Self” will provide your family with a powerful mantra that can stick with them for years to come! Understanding its meaning and memorizing the mantra will be challenging for some children. But with your help, they will memorize this mantra in a matter of days! Mantras for children work best if recited in the mirror – in the mornings or at night after brushing their teeth. Children will memorize it faster if you say the mantra with them. This book is made to be interactive and read daily. Ask your child to discuss their thoughts about the images and texts.