About Us

Our Philosophy

TLB is secular mindfulness initiative. Our goal is to introduce yoga, mindfulness, art and outdoor exploration to our local neighbors! We promote compassion, self-awareness, and artistic expression. We host classes, workshops and will open our daycare in 2020. Our Core Philosophy is that all children can possess stellar intellectual qualities through mindful art & play and learn independence at an early age. TLB’s atmosphere is always warm and loving with high but appropriate expectations. We incorporate these standards into all that we do:

Mindfulness is being in the awareness of the present moment with full attention and focus.
At TLB, children learn to mind their breath, use mindful vocabulary when speaking to others,
and learn to make choices that are conducive to a giving and caring deposition. Sample
exercise: mindful eating; before you bite, notice the colors, smell, texture. How does your body reacts to the anticipation of the fruit you are about to eat.

Art-based play is versatile and allows for flexibility in learning. The child is in complete
control but takes hints from the teachers. We explore the colors of feelings, where or how
emotions come about and how to express ourselves through movement and art mediums.

Forest explorations are an essential element of early childhood growth and awareness.
We become completely in tuned and can express ourselves vividly when we are allowed to explore outside. Being amongst the trees and nature, we tend to open our hearts and feel a higher sense of self-worth after a day of fresh air. Imagination is kicked into high gear when children are surrounded by earth and air.

Michelle Caines

Mindfulness Teacher / Owner

Michelle is a Harlem born and raised mother of three, whose passions include meditation, hiking, and being in nature. She is trained in the impactful curriculum Still Quiet Place for Children. And currently undergoing Mindfulness Teacher certification.

Michelle currently teaches at a Reggio Emilia/Forest-based preschool and has taught Understanding Characters, an improv reading class for third graders. She also volunteers as president for her local playground group.

Amanda Everich

Lead Artelier Instructor

Amanda brings eight years of experience in early childhood education with a focus in art & play therapy. She has 12 plus years of personal experience with various art mediums and is a certified preschool teacher.
Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts in literature and is currently attending Farming School to expand on her love and understanding of plants.

Kristen Langelier of Crayon Power


Kristen has taught more than 500 children over the last 20 years. Her broad experience ranges from 1:1 coaching, museum programs, camps and co-ops to curriculum design and enrichment programs with children, teenagers, adults, and parents. She holds several Master degrees in the educational field.
In 2012, Kristen Lee founded Purple Crayon Power Coaching, a private life coaching practice that works with families to enrich their quality of life. She incorporates visual art, music, writing into her work with children, families, and clients.